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About the Cycle Wayz app



Self-Guided, Smartphone Cycling on the Best Australian Scenic Routes. No mobile coverage required!

Cycle Wayz is a detailed, map-based smartphone guide for your cycle and includes routes from around Australia which can be selected based on location, length of ride, type of bicycle needed and degree of difficulty.

At Cycle Wayz we provide cyclists interesting, scenic routes where you can use your mobile phone to “follow the dot” to guide you along the pre-defined route at a time and pace of your choice. We specifically include quieter roads, rail trails and/or cycle paths in our routes. We have a mix of shorter and longer routes with varying degrees of difficulty. We also provide cycling focused local history, points of interest, shopping, markets and other information. On our longer and more remote cycle routes we provide information regarding accommodation, food and water so your trip can be easily planned.

NO PHONE OR INTERNET SERVICE IS REQUIRED to use Cycle Wayz Guides after the initial setup. Cycle Wayz Guides use a combination of your smartphone’s GPS, downloaded topo maps, and the Google Maps interface to accurately locate your position on the cycle route.  Your phone’s GPS pinpoints your location on the downloaded topo maps.

Our free demo cycle routes are fully functional and give you the opportunity to fully road test our app and have all the features of the paid version. In-app purchases apply for the rest of our rides and longer routes can be bundled so you have all of the maps you will need for your cycle journey with one easy in-app purchase.

A brightly coloured line indicates the location of the main cycle route on the map.  These are differently coloured depending on the road or cycle path surface. Red is Sealed Road, Pink is Unsealed Road, Dark Green is Sealed Cycle Path or Rail Trail, Light Green is Unsealed Cycle Path or Rail Trail. Side Trips to points of interest, Railway Stations, Towns etc are indicated in Dark Blue for Sealed and Light Blue for Unsealed. Waypoints of interest to the cyclist are plotted on the map. If you touch cycle route line it will display the distance (km or mi) from the start.

The elevation profile shows cycle route distance vs elevation and plots your current location on the cycle route. Each waypoint is plotted on the profile. Each waypoint is clickable, opening to the waypoint’s detail page.

The guide lists every waypoint in order by distance along the cycle route and how far away you are from each waypoint.

Send your current location to friends and family via text message or e-mail.

Each waypoint includes a detail page, providing further details about that particular waypoint. Details include the waypoint’s kilometre point and elevation, photographs of the waypoint, distance to the next waypoint, a Trail Register where you may post comments and read other users’ comments, and other details that will help you during your hike, and help you plan your hike.

The types of waypoints include:

  • Points of Social and Historical Interest
  • Views
  • Locations of Coffee Shops, Cafes and Restaurants
  • Markets
  • Amenities including public toilets and water fountains or taps
  • Grocery stores and convenience stores
  • Trail junctions
  • Water sources (including the reliability of each water source)
  • Gear shops and cycle stores
  • Accommodation including camping sites
  • Parking areas for Rail Trails