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We Love Bikes

Australia is a fantastic place to cycle. It is warm and sunny, with wide open spaces, filled with great scenery, friendly people and funny looking animals.  But the best roads, and the right levels of support, can be hard to find and that is why we are so passionate about making sure everyone can enjoy an Australian Cycling Holiday. 

At Australian Cycling Holidays we love tour cycling…

…whether it be for an afternoon or for a long ride over great distances through remote areas.  Our understanding of an enjoyable cycle ride is reflected in the rides we have mapped and the cycling holidays we have designed. Together, and with our family, we have cycled many routes around Australia and the world.

Everyone Can Tour Cycle

If your thing is a cycling holiday with everything booked, luggage support and all of the gear you need supplied, then we have cycling holidays where all you have to do is pedal!

Just jump on the Trek mountain bike we supply, or bring your own wheels, and pedal off on a tour through sights, smells and experiences that are completely new.  

We also believe that kids are part of the package. Our cycling holidays and Cyclewayz app have family friendly cycling tours and rides where you can go at your own pace on cycle paths or rail trails.

There is nothing more enjoyable than a cycle as a family!  

Cyclewayz app 

Our Cyclewayz app is a cycling guidebook with inbuilt navigation. We love to share our local knowledge. Find the best Aussie tour cycling away from the traffic. We have ridden them all so you know there is the best route, food water accommodation and fun stuff.

  1. Long Tours  Brisbane → Sydney → Melbourne → Adelaide → Darwin; Devonport → Hobart
  2. Tough Tours: East Timor; Mawson Track
  3. Short Tours: Wild Coast Rolling Country; Coastal Escape and many more
  4. Rail Trails & Day Rides

We believe in cycling the back roads…

…whether they be cycle ways, quiet back country roads or the rail trails. We love scenery from wild beaches to mountains to majestic forests and know that cycling is all about the journey with new experiences and fun challenges.

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