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in your cycle tour

What’s Included in our Cycling Tours?

At Australian Cycling Holidays, our job is to make sure that you have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable cycling tour.

Adult Bikes

We have chosen high-quality Trek 8.4 DS bikes for our tours, and have customised them to provide you with the most comfortable ride possible. With 27 gears, hydraulic disc brakes, and lock-out front shocks, these bikes are both light and fast on the road as well as smooth and tough when travelling off-road.

We have a range of sizes in our fleet, and at the start of your trip we will ensure that you have a bike specifically fitted to your size and build – including super-comfortable women’s seats.

Each bike also comes equipped with a bike lock, pump, repair kit and water bottle. While the bulk of your luggage will be awaiting you at your hotel each night, there are always bits and pieces that you need to carry with you during the day. For this purpose, each bike comes fitted with a front handle-bar pannier. This has a waterproof map container, and is large enough to carry snacks, cameras, wallets, etc. It easily clips on and off the handlebars, so taking it with you when you want to leave the bikes is a snap!

Helmets are provided also, as by Australian law, you must always wear a helmet when cycling.

If you need to carry a little more equipment with you – as families often do, for example, we can also provide rear panniers at no extra cost. These allow you to carry anything from a cosie and towel and change of clothes for the kids, right through to everything that you might need for a 3-month trip – we know because we have tried!

Children’s Bikes and Cycling Equipment

For kids, we also use Trek bikes. The model varies for the different age ranges, but will be one of:

– the Trek 3500 13″ Mountain Bike

– the Trek 2012 MT Track 220

– the Trek 2012 MT 60.

For other equipment, we use Burley tag-alongs and Burley Cub trailers, and Topeak baby seats.

Most children’s bikes will have a small front pannier for them to put their belongings. The larger children’s bikes have water-bottle holders, but we do not put these on the smaller bikes due to lack of space and safety issues.

We supply a range of helmets for kids, in different sizes, colours and patterns.

Our Electric Bikes operate in our tours all over VIC Gippsland and the NSW South Coast. Our E bikes have 5 pedal assist settings to choose from and do not continue to run the motor should you stop pedaling. They also have 7 manual gears. The quoted battery life is 50km however we are finding that at 50km there is plenty of battery left. Each bike has a battery indicator so you will know if you are getting low. Battery use is variable due to size of cyclist, hills, the required assist levels and the surface (unsealed surfaces are harder to pedal than sealed surfaces). We provide a charger so that you can charge your bike over night. It usually takes 3 – 4 hours to fully charge the battery.

We charge an additional fee for our E Bikes. This is easy to find on our Booking Page and varies between tours due to the length of time the bike will be away.

We have two styles of Electric Bikes:

M1 E Tourer for taller cyclists

Nordica Step thru for smaller cyclists.

Our fleet includes our Holstar large frame Tandem Bike. It suits a wide variation in heights and is very comfortable to ride. like the Trek Bikes it is a 27 speed and we can fit comfortable seats to suit. There is no additional charge for using the Tandem bike for 2 people.

Each night’s accommodation has been carefully selected for its charm, hospitality and character. The types of accommodation vary depending on your chosen style of touring, so that we can guarantee you both quality and value for money. Luxury tours stay at the best available hotels and guest houses, while the Family friendly and Leisure tours utilise a combination of hotels, B&Bs, guest houses and cabins. Backpacker trips stay primarily at hostels and camp grounds, saving you money by utilising dormitory accommodation where possible.

Your accommodation will always include breakfast unless otherwise specified.

Full colour maps are provided for your selected tour, showing the route, distances, points of interest, and a lot of other useful information, such as where is the closest toilet, cafe or playground. Directions are also provided in text to assist with the navigation process, however it is important that at least one participant is able to read maps.

In addition to the maps,you can have uour Cyclewayz App for free. Let us know what type of phone you have (android or apple) and we will send you a code for your store. This covers things such as:
• Distances

• Altitude profiles
• Water, Food, Accommodation
• Information about the area and points of interest along the way.

Your luggage will be collected from each day’s starting location and delivered to your accommodation or finish point for you. You must leave your luggage at reception no later than 10 am each day ready for collection. Unless otherwise stated, your luggage will be available for you from 2:30 pm at your accommodation or finish point.

Note: Extra charges may apply if luggage exceeds the limit of 20Kg per person, and a maximum of 2 bags per person.

Occasionally, despite our best efforts, you may encounter problems during the tour.

The most common issue you may encounter is punctures. We provide you with a small toolkit and spare inner tubes in case you get a puncture – or, if you are unable to change an inner tube, please call us and we may be able to assist.

If there is a more serious problem with the bike or cycling equipment that we provide you, we will swap your bike or equipment with another from our fleet.

If you find that you are lost along the way, or need advice or recommendations, please call us and we will provide assistance by phone.

Please note that you will need your own private health cover or travel insurance for our tours.

Most times you are staying at lovely locations where you can go out and have breakfast at the restaurant or café that most entices you. There is so much to choose from! A full and hearty breakfast is provided at some hotels and Bed and Breakfasts – please see your itinerary. We always recommend that you have breakfast to ensure that you have all the energy you need for a day’s cycling. Remember that sometimes cafes can be far apart as your tour takes you through the countryside.

Just in case you have forgotten your wet-weather gear, we supply plastic rain ponchos. While these are not as good as regular wet-weather gear, they should keep you dry in the event of a sudden downpour and can also be used as ground sheets for picnics.

You will be provided with water bottles at the start of the trip which you can take home and keep as a souvenir.

There is nothing better than a nice cold drink after a long day in the saddle! For this reason, at the end of each ride, and at selected accommodation along the way, you will receive a celebratory glass of wine, beer or soft drink on arrival. So sit back, congratulate yourself and watch the sunset!

All our tours are designed to start and end at a public transport hub, so that it is always easy to get back to your car, or continue your onward journey.

However, if you wish to start your tour at a point half-way along the route, or finish early, we will always do our best to accommodate you. One of the good things about self-guided tours is that you can travel at your own pace, and don’t have to start on any particular day or location.

We can also provide assistance with onward transfers if required.

Because our tours are self-guided, you are not restricted to someone else’s schedule. Instead you can start and finish your tour any day of the year, subject to availability and tour restrictions. Please refer to each tour for specific exclusions.