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perfect for Adults and Kids alike

Enjoy a Cycling Tour with the Whole Family!

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  South Gippsland Rail Trail Cycle Tour 4D/3N

This 4D/3N cycle tour showcases the Bass Coast and the Great Southern Rail Trails – perfect family cycling. This tour averages 32kms each day and so suits families with older kids or younger families who have cycled before.

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Great Southern Getaway 2D/2N

This 2D/2N cycle tour is great for families. Arrive the night before you cycle to give you lots of time to sleep in and enjoy your ride! Its all path – no cars. Lots to explore, tastes to experience and wildlife along the way.

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         Family Pacific Cycle Tour 3D/2N

This 3D/2N cycle tour starts off gently on the coastal cycle path along the stunning South Coast Beaches. See the Nan Tien Temple and cycle around the shores of Lake Illawarra. There are lots of places to swim or whale watch.

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Gippsland Plains Rail Trail           2D 1N

This is a wonderful cycle through dairy country with clear blue skies and wide open spaces. Enjoy the views of the Great Dividing Range and the Gippsland Plains. Love the wines, cheese and cafes.

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5 Gippsland Rail Trails Cycle Tour 10D 9N

This cycle tour takes in all the Gippsland Rail Trails. What an adventure! You your friends and your family can cycle along the coast, across the plains through the forests and into the wilds all on Rail Trails far away from the traffic.

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Cycle touring with the kids is a great way to see Australia and spend time together as a family. At Australian Cycling Holidays, we specialise in cycling tours specifically for families and kids. We’ve spent a lot of time finding and testing some beautiful cycling tours that are great for the whole family to enjoy.

The older kids love the challenge of navigating, exploring new areas, and helping the rest of the family to keep up.

Younger kids love the time spent with their parents, the satisfaction of being able to complete the cycle and the joy of making discoveries along the way.

We include all the information that you will need on our maps and ride notes – such as public toilets, cafes, restaurants and takeaways, as well as good places to take a break and suggested timings. We also include all bikes and cycling equipment, water bottles and a snack, accommodation, luggage transfers and roadside assist.

We are very cost-conscious when designing our family-friendly tours. Prices are quoted for a family of up to 2 adults and 2 kids up to 15 years of age. Additional children can be catered for, please contact us to discuss.

 What does “Family Friendly Cycling Tour” mean?

We classify our tours as Family Friendly if they meet the following criteria:

  • Total distance covered each day is no more than 35kms, some tours cover less.
  • 75% or more of the tour is on off-road cycle paths.
  • 90% or more of the tour is on cycle routes (this includes on quiet roads)
  • Accommodation provides family rooms, and contains a playground or swimming pool for the kids.

Where it is necessary to pass along a busy road, and there is not a suitable footpath for cycling, we always advise walking the bikes on the grass or path rather than cycling on the road with children. These instances are kept to a minimum and will not exceed 500 metres at any one time.

Is your child ready for a cycling holiday?

For a child to cycle independently on one of our Family Friendly cycling tours, they must be able to:

  • Cycle competently without training wheels.
  • Be competent with the use handle-bar brakes (not back pedal brakes), and be able to stop on demand, including on hills.
  • Navigate road-side paths and corners.
  • Be aware of and able to comply with the basic rules of cycling, such as stopping at traffic lights and keeping to the left

If your child does not have this level of cycling competency, then they are too young to cycle independently. In these cases, you must hire a baby seat, a tag-along or a trailer for your child.

At the beginning of the tour, we will check each child’s ability. If your child is not able to meet these requirements, we will try and provide a tag-along if we have one free. However, please be aware that if we don’t have an alternative available, we cannot let the child cycle if they do not meet the above requirements.