If you’re hard of hearing, you may find the thought of travel daunting. But at Australian Cycling Holidays, we want to make it easy for everyone to enjoy cycling. We were recently approached by Connect Hearing, who wanted us to contribute to a blog article about the best holiday experiences for people with hearing loss. We were more than happy to get involved, as we understand how important it is for the hard of hearing to take part in activities and travel.

Don’t let hearing loss stop you cycling

With Australian Cycling Holidays, you don’t have to worry about planning your holiday. We’ll book your accommodation, take care of your luggage transfers, and provide you with all the equipment you need. All you have to do is choose your route. In their article, ‘Tips for Travelling with Hearing Loss’, Connect Hearing explores all the different options available for those with hearing loss.

When you’re hard of hearing, the thought of cycling might worry you in case you can’t hear oncoming traffic. But many of our routes are along Rail Trails and dedicated cycle paths, where you won’t encounter any traffic. Our support staff are available by text as well as phone, and there’s also the Cyclewayz app you can download, which is a travel guide with built-in navigation.

We can make sure the accommodation we book for you provides assistance for the hard of hearing, and we’re here for you if you encounter any problems at all. Don’t let your hearing loss stop you from enjoying cycling – simply get in touch, and we’ll soon have you pedalling through beautiful scenery!



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