85km, Hilly, Medium

Start by the sea at Port Welshpool and climb to the ferns.  

 Best Things about This Ride

  • Adventure to the foothills of the Strzeleckis
  • Views to Wilsons Promontory and Corner Inlet
  • Great cycling roads with no traffic
  • Blueberry Farm
  • Explore the town of Foster and enjoy the Jazz
  • See the ferns
  • Rolling emerald hills
  • Port Welshpool fish and chips looking over the National Parks.

Things to Watch out for

Plan your trip, including the return. Australian Cycling holidays rent bikes with panniers for all ages for this ride. We can help you transport bikes. Call to book on 0468 390 224. Links to Gourmet Gippsland Ocean Fresh.

Take a jumper and a raincoat regardless of the weather when you start out – it is Victoria!