250km, Flat/Hilly, Medium/Hard, Sealed/Unsealed, One way ride, Quiet roads.

Cycle the amazing views of the Eden Monero and follow it up with a journey through the rainforests of Eastern Gippsland. This 250 km ride is truly amazing and you will love it. .

Best Things about This Ride

  • The old church and cemetery as you leave Cooma.
  • The Brothers and views across the countryside
  • Letter boxes! From bushrangers to old cars and everything in between!
  • Amazing wide open Eden Monaro plains – you feel on top of the world.
  • The cool temperate rainforests of East Gippsland
  • Great old towns
  • Indecision Corner
  • Big trees and great campsite right by the river
  • Swim in the rivers
  • Ferns, birds, lizards and native animals

Things to Watch out for

Cycle this route anytime – in winter watch for the cold and be very careful about bushfires in summer.