65km, Flat, Medium.

Enjoy this scenic ride through history. Take time to listen to the stories of the towns. See the old rail stations, local museums and the dairy farming. Have a coffee at one of the many café’s. Relax on the seats installed for you to best appreciate the views of the Alps, wetlands, forests and the clear sky.

Best Things about This Ride

Cycle the Rail Trail to enjoy the native Flora and wetlands of the Gippsland plains

Look at the views of the Australian Alps and the expansive sky

See the old rail relics along the way and imagine their history

Visit the Gippsland vehicle collection and sugar beet museum in Maffra

Enjoy a break at the Glengarry rail station

Cross the rivers – mostly very quiet but a force when in flood

Visit the Heyfield vintage machinery shed

Before you go check out http://www.gippslandplainsrailtrail.com.au/

Things to Look Out For

Cycle on the left hand side of the road.

Watch for snakes near the wetlands when it’s hot

Be careful of the Rail Trail Walkers