16km, Flat, Easy

Tour on the Illawarra Cycle paths right alongside the beach. Visit Flagstaff Hill, take a walk through the Puckey’s Estate wetlands, enjoy the great parks and sparkling beaches, stop for coffee or a play at the park. Hire a bike for your trip with South Coast Bike Hire.

Best Things about This Ride:

Start at the Flagstaff Hill Lighthouse with its history, beach views and many cafes.

See the little lighthouse and learn its history.

Love cafes and picnic spots right alongside the beach.

Take a swim in the ocean waves or a dip in the sea baths.

Enjoy the wetlands, river inlets and beaches

Love the parks.

Visit the Planetarium along your way

Things to Look Out For:

Cycle Paths are shared so look after our walkers

Take care to Swim between the flags