25km + 4km side trip, Uphill with nice gradient, Medium

This rail trail is full of ferns, native bush and huge trees. With high, fern lined granite cuttings it is a wonderful cycle.You cant help to marvel at the engineering and perseverance that it took to build this railway. You have a feeling of remoteness as the rail trail swings right away from the road into the bush. With views into the surrounding valleys and the wonderful bush, you will enjoy this ride! We have added a 4 km side trip to Ringarooma which will allow you to enjoy a nights accommodation before you head back to Scottsdale.

 Best Things about This Ride

  • Fern lined cuttings
  • Huge forests
  • Cafes and art in the historic township of Scottsdale.
  • Feeling of being away from it all
  • Australian Native animals
  • The shelters built at the railway stations so you can have a break regardless of the weather
  • Lovely old township of Ringarooma with its museum in the heritage church
  • Tree cravings at Legerwood.

Things to Watch out for

Take food and water as there is none between Scottsdale and Ringarooma. If you decide to do a return trip on the Rail Trail it will be a 52km trip with no food or water.

Take a jumper and a raincoat regardless of the weather when you start out- it is Tassie!