111km, Flat, Medium

This ride takes you along the coast and through the amazing Crowdy Bay National Park. Here there are truly unspoilt beaches, wild campsites, lots of native animals and wonderful old trees. It is certainly a place to stay awhile (but take food and water!). Crowdy Bay is fantastic with views across the bay and along the coast. After that there is a cycle up the historic Manning Valley with views across to the Great Dividing Range.

Best Things about This Ride

  • Fantastic cycling along the coast and through Crowdy Bay National Park
  • Amazing beaches and campsites
  • Lots of native animals
  • A great mix of coast and country
  • Beautiful country valleys along the Manning Valley
  • Great deserted beaches
  • Birdlife
  • Whale Watching in season.

Things to Watch out for

The first section of this ride is quite busy along the road to North Haven. Try and go mid morning to avoid school drop off and the tradies.

If you are planning to camp in Crowdy Bay National Park then take sufficient water and food. Definitely worth it!