47km, Flat, Relaxing 

Drop through majestic forests of the Royal National Park, see world class beach views as you exit the forests to ride along the lovely Illawarra coast. Enjoy a swim along your way. And all so close to Sydney.

Best Things about This Ride:

Start with the wind in your hair as you coast down through the rainforest.

Enjoy following the river through the rainforest with its unique flora.

Love the views of the rugged coastline

Marvel at Hargraves’ inventive life as you overlook the beach where he took off in his box kite

Love the engineering wonder of the Sea Cliff bridge

Relax as you pedal along the surf beaches to North Wollongong and Flagstaff Hill.

Take time out to have a swim

Things to Look Out For:

Best to start early on the weekend.

Cycle on the left hand side of the road.

Walk across the Sea Cliff Bridge

Take care to Swim between the flags