120km, Hilly/Mountainous, Hard, Sealed/Unsealed, One Way ride, Quiet roads.

This is a ride for those who like a hill. Its a fun cycle up 700 m of climbing to the highest point of the Grand Ridge Road where you can enjoy the forests and the views from the top of the world! A most amazing cycle back down through the Tarra Bulga forests and then into the farmlands of the hilly Southern Strzelecki Ranges. This is a challenging, but beautiful, cycle with nightly food, water and the lovely township of Yarram.

Best Things about This Ride

  • The great views as you climb to the top of the Grand Ridge Road
  • Staying in the cool heights of the Grand Ridge Road at Tarra Bulga
  • Beautiful temperate Rain forests
  • Funny letter boxes!
  • Lovely town of Yarram and its great camping, restaurants and cafes
  • The wonderful southern Strzeleckis
  • The pub that welcomes as you arrive into Welshpool

Things to Watch out for

Cycle this route anytime – in winter pick a sunny week and you will love it! Watch out for hot, bushfire weather in summer