163km, Flat, Easy, Sealed/Unsealed, One Way, Quiet roads/Rail Trails.

This is a great ride through a slice of Australia that is so wonderfully country. The towns are small and each has its own flavor and history, the rivers are big and Lake Glenmaggie an oasis, the veggie farms mean that there is lots of fresh tasty food and the wineries are well worth a visit. On top of that it is a relaxing ride on flat easy surfaces!

Best Things about This Ride

  • The painted Catholic Cathedral in Bairnsdale
  • The memories of times gone by in the old piano, halls and churches
  • Fantastic Museums and Art Galleries
  • Great old homes and buildings that are still as they were.
  • The rivers and weirs
  • Fantastic fresh food
  • Stratford on Avon home to the Shakespeare Festival Australian Style.
  • The views to the Great Divide Range
  • Wetlands and bridges
  • Cafes and restaurants – even in really small towns
  • Welcoming accommodation.

Things to Watch out for

Cycle this route anytime – in winter pick a sunny day and you will love it!