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Plan Your Ride

1950km, Roads and Paths, Sealed Unsealed, Hard to Easy.

We have combined the cycle paths of Sydney with routes we have mapped on the quiet roads and trails of northern NSW.

Northern NSW is a wonderful place to cycle. Full of beaches, hinterland hills, farming country and rivers. There are many quirky country towns well worth exploring in the central west. We are including extra routes and paths as restrictions allow us to map. Close by Sydney climb the escarpment for fabulous views of the Blue Mountains.

What we Love

Start at the world famous Opera House for your ride up to the Blue Mountains. Take your bike to the Central West and follow a quiet ride that features rural landscape, native bush areas, villages, small towns and regional cities. There is adventure and fun on the roads less travelled. The trail has been carefully designed so that accommodation and cafes are no more than 65km apart. Which makes for a very doable ride.

Then head for the Barrington Tops just near Newcastle. The views are Spectacular.

Finally ride all the way to Brisbane on a route that will surprise you – beaches, backcountry and everything in between.

What to Look out For

Riding is Sydney and Northern NW is best all year round.

Avoid Christmas and Easter holidays for your ride to Brisbane. It can be busy.

Take a charge pack and ensure your phone is in aeroplane mode if you are planning to go back country.