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Aug 24 2017

Great Southern Getaway 2D 2N

Great Southern Getaway Cycle Tour


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This cycle, in beautiful green southern Gippsland, is perfect for a weekend getaway. This 2 night, 2 day tour allows you to escape the city and relax, at your pace.  

The Great Southern Getaway weekend lets you choose your preferred relaxation:

Great Southern Getaway Unwind  Cycle the Great Southern Rail Trail Leongatha to Fish Creek or Foster  and enjoy 2 relaxing days on the trail. Love the arty foodie towns along the way and stop for a coffee, relax over lunch and love the green scenery. 32km

Great Southern Getaway Complete Complete the rail Trail from Leongatha to Port Welshpool and enjoy the whole historical journey ending at the historic port where the views are fantastic. 72km

Great Southern Getaway Grand Ridge This is a challenging ride. Use the Rail Trail as a great way to step off into the hinterland and climb the hills to the fantastic temperate rain forests of the Grand Ridge Road. 160km.

Great Southern Getaway Family Cycle as much or as little as you like. We will collect you at the finish of your first day and then start you off on your second day. Stay 2 nights with us. Enjoy the cycling, the markets, the wineries with Pizza and sculptures and the friendly locals.

Leave Melbourne on any day of the week and take off for your 2 day cycle. We have accommodation options too – either Luxury or Backpackers. There is some thing for everyone!

Come direct from the city and leave your car at home, we have arranged all of the transport. Or feel free to drive down – whatever suits you best. Stay your first night in Leongatha, deep in dairy country, home to the Rail Trail.  

We will collect you in time for the return coach to Melbourne Southern Cross or to return you to your car. You just let us know where you are! No need to rush or feel pressured. We are here to make sure your getaway is just as relaxing (or challenging) as you want it to be.

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Tour Details:

Starts:                     Melbourne Southern Cross for transport to Leongatha. or arrive in Leongatha by car.

Finishes:               Leongatha for transport to Melbourne Southern Cross. Or w will return you to your car.

Duration:              2 days / 2 nights

Total Distance:   From 32 km to 72 km along the Great Southern Rail trail or 160km into the hinterland beyond the Rail Trail. The choice is yours!

Avg Distance:      You choose – it can be as little or as much cycling as you like. We have short options of 15 km per day;  35 – 45 km per day; or longer 75-80 km per day challenge rides where you can take off from the Rail Trail to explore the hilly hinterland and waterfalls. Our family rides keep it flexible so you can choose

When to go?        Any time.

Suitable for?       Families, Couples, Groups.

Rating:                   Easy. This is a fairly gentle tour with plenty of time to stop and relax.  Hard. If you choose the hill climbs beyond the Rail trail up to the Grand Ridge Road.


May 27 2017

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

164km (incl off Rail Trail section), Flat/Hilly, Medium, Unsealed, One Way ride, Rail Trail and Quiet roads.

This Rail Trail is in a class of its own! It’s a fun ride on a rough surface with lots to see along the way. The views to the ranges are great, we loved the horses and the old buildings in the towns are fantastic. Gravel grinders and those who like a challenge will love this Rail Trail. It has heaps of free camping, many motels and friendly country pubs for dinner. It’s quite a climb to Yarraman so you may prefer to start there and enjoy the downhill

Best Things about This Ride

  • The fantastic old towns
  • The run downhill through the valleys
  • Wonderful old pubs
  • The restored stations with trains, parks and picnic areas alongside.
  • Free Camping
  • Trestle bridges
  • Fun technical ride which changes all the time
  • The friendly horses
  • Cafes, crafts, markets and so much to see
  • Beautiful views of the Esk river
  • The 164 km journey

Things to Watch out for

Cycle this route anytime – in summer it can be very hot and bushfire threat will be high. So watch the weather and choose autumn, winter or spring

May 19 2017

Sydney to Melbourne Cyclewayz app

1368km, Hilly/Mountainous, Hard, Sealed/Unsealed, One Way ride, Quiet roads/Rail Trails/Cycle Paths.

What a varied ride and all away from the traffic! You will explore stunning beaches, rolling countryside, high plains, historical country towns and spectacular temperate rain forests. Get up close to Australian native animals, reptiles and birds. Love the fresh air, great food and clear skies. This ride has some challenging sectors and you will need to plan using the information given in the app. There is so much to love about this ride especially the pubs in the middle of nowhere!

Best Things about This Ride

  • The variety of cycling with so many different experiences
  • Friendly people along the way.
  • Jervis Bay home to the whitest sand in the world.
  • Stunning temperate rain forests of East and Central Gippsland
  • The old towns that time forgot – each with their own particular character
  • Funny letter boxes!
  • Great camping, restaurants and cafes
  • Amazing back country pubs
  • Cycling into Melbourne along the beaches
  • Bunurong Cliffs and its wild stunning beaches
  • Fairy Penguin Parade at Philip Island
  • The native animals

Things to Watch out for

Best Time to cycle this route is Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec and Mar/Apr/May. Winter the high plains around Canberra and Eden Monaro are very cold and in summer there can be very hot bushfire weather. Check your forecasts before you go.

May 19 2017

Tarra Valley Giants

120km, Hilly/Mountainous, Hard, Sealed/Unsealed, One Way ride, Quiet roads.

This is a ride for those who like a hill. Its a fun cycle up 700 m of climbing to the highest point of the Grand Ridge Road where you can enjoy the forests and the views from the top of the world! A most amazing cycle back down through the Tarra Bulga forests and then into the farmlands of the hilly Southern Strzelecki Ranges. This is a challenging, but beautiful, cycle with nightly food, water and the lovely township of Yarram.

Best Things about This Ride

  • The great views as you climb to the top of the Grand Ridge Road
  • Staying in the cool heights of the Grand Ridge Road at Tarra Bulga
  • Beautiful temperate Rain forests
  • Funny letter boxes!
  • Lovely town of Yarram and its great camping, restaurants and cafes
  • The wonderful southern Strzeleckis
  • The pub that welcomes as you arrive into Welshpool

Things to Watch out for

Cycle this route anytime – in winter pick a sunny week and you will love it! Watch out for hot, bushfire weather in summer

May 19 2017

Cooma to Orbost

250km, Flat/Hilly, Medium/Hard, Sealed/Unsealed, One way ride, Quiet roads.

Cycle the amazing views of the Eden Monero and follow it up with a journey through the rainforests of Eastern Gippsland. This 250 km ride is truly amazing and you will love it. .

Best Things about This Ride

  • The old church and cemetery as you leave Cooma.
  • The Brothers and views across the countryside
  • Letter boxes! From bushrangers to old cars and everything in between!
  • Amazing wide open Eden Monaro plains – you feel on top of the world.
  • The cool temperate rainforests of East Gippsland
  • Great old towns
  • Indecision Corner
  • Big trees and great campsite right by the river
  • Swim in the rivers
  • Ferns, birds, lizards and native animals

Things to Watch out for

Cycle this route anytime – in winter watch for the cold and be very careful about bushfires in summer.

May 19 2017

Victorian Riviera

163km, Flat, Easy, Sealed/Unsealed, One Way, Quiet roads/Rail Trails.

This is a great ride through a slice of Australia that is so wonderfully country. The towns are small and each has its own flavor and history, the rivers are big and Lake Glenmaggie an oasis, the veggie farms mean that there is lots of fresh tasty food and the wineries are well worth a visit. On top of that it is a relaxing ride on flat easy surfaces!

Best Things about This Ride

  • The painted Catholic Cathedral in Bairnsdale
  • The memories of times gone by in the old piano, halls and churches
  • Fantastic Museums and Art Galleries
  • Great old homes and buildings that are still as they were.
  • The rivers and weirs
  • Fantastic fresh food
  • Stratford on Avon home to the Shakespeare Festival Australian Style.
  • The views to the Great Divide Range
  • Wetlands and bridges
  • Cafes and restaurants – even in really small towns
  • Welcoming accommodation.

Things to Watch out for

Cycle this route anytime – in winter pick a sunny day and you will love it!

May 19 2017

Canberra to Cooma

164km, Mountainous, Hard, Remote, Sealed/Unsealed, One Way Ride, Quiet roads.

This is a remote hard ride through the Namadgie National Park where the climbing is over 2,000m in the first day. Nothing wrong with pushing your bike a little on this ride! Great camping in the national park with lots of water. Watch for hot weather/bushfires in summer and snow/cold weather in winter. The views are amazing across the plains as you head to Cooma and we loved it!

Best Things about This Ride

  • Namadgie National Park
  • The big fish in Adaminaby.
  • Views from Hospital Hill Lookout!
  • Wonderful campsites and places to stop
  • Great pub and bakery in Adaminaby
  • Wide vistas
  • Cooma and its cafes

Things to Watch out for

Cycle this route anytime- it can be very cold in winter and hot in summer. Do not start if the day is hot and windy due to bushfires

May 19 2017

Nowra to Canberra

232km, Hilly, Medium, Sealed/Unsealed, One Way ride, Quiet roads.

Climb up the escarpment from the coast to the high plains that surround Canberra at 580m. The road follows old Wool Road which used to take wool down to the ports. Braidwood is little changed from its gold mining days and along the route you will find old country pubs where you can have a chat with the locals.

Best Things about This Ride

  • The challenging climb upto Sassafras Gap.
  • Views of the coastal plains and beyond.
  • Old pubs, great beer and friendly people.
  • Historic City of Braidwood.
  • Backroads to Canberra through the National Parks
  • The ever changing landscapes
  • Sweeping country vistas

Things to Watch out for

Cycle this route anytime – it can be hot in summer and cold in winter

Watch for Fire warnings and don’t leave if the day is hot and windy

Take water with you – there is nothing along the way between eth towns.

May 18 2017

Grand Gippsland Cycle Tour 19D / 18N

Grand Gippsland Cycle Tour


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A wonderful 19 Day/18 Night Grand Gippsland Cycle Tour, that takes you right out of Melbourne to the beautiful green countryside of Gippsland, exploring the stunning beaches, rolling countryside, historical country towns and temperate rainforests. It finishes in far East Gippsland in the small town of Marlo where the Snowy River meets the sea.  On this tour you will get up close to Australian native animals and birds. Love the fresh air and clear skies and friendly locals!

Your Tour includes bicycles, cycling equipment, accommodation, hearty breakfast, two dinners, luggage transfers, roadside assist, spare tubes, first aid and repair kits. It also includes a visit to see the Fairy Penguins on Phillip Island and a guided tour of Raymond Island to see the native Koala population.

On top of all that, you can look forward to a mix of lovely accommodation where you are assured of a warm welcome, your luggage and a great sleep each night.     

itinerary      factsheet

Would you like an Express Tour with longer distances and fewer days? Ask us Now


Starts    Southern Cross Station or your hotel Melbourne City, Victoria
Finishes    Marlo is your last night. Transfer to Bairnsdale Railway Station on final day.
Duration    19 days / 18 nights incl 3 rest/off bicycle days
Total Distance            760 km plus optional additional kilometers.
Avg Distance     40 – 50 kms / day on quiet roads, rail trails and cycle paths
When to go?     All year. No start date bookings from Dec 18 to Jan 15 due to holiday accommodation shortages.
Suitable for?      Couples, Groups.
Rating    Medium. The route requires a reasonable level of fitness and cycling competence.
Cost    Prices start from $4,910 pp twin share. Discounts 4 pax or more. Single pricing
Included    The following inclusions apply:
  • 19 day cycle tour.
  • 18 nights’ accommodation at a carefully selected mix of motels, 4 star hotels, farm stays, cabins, B and B’s, pubs and guesthouses.
  • 19 days’ hire of bicycles and all cycling equipment
  • Detailed, full colour maps and ride notes. Cyclewayz App travel guide book with inbuilt GPS navigation.
  • Luggage transfer each day.
  • Breakfast every day.
  • Dinner when included with accommodation. 2 nights
  • One day guided cycle tour to Raymond Island with its large wild Koala population and the Silt Jetties.
  • Evening Tour to the Fairy Penguins on Phillip Island
  • Optional Transfers if required for hill climb sectors.
  • Roadside assistance.
Apr 23 2017

MTM Beechworth to Everton

16.6km, One Way, Hilly, Easy, Rail Trail, 2 hours.

Roll downhill from Beechworth to the main trail. Alternatively take the Beechworth Spur line up the hill to Beechworth. Watch your navigation as the turn to Beechworth is easy to miss. The Beechworth spur line takes in forests and farmland, travels over the impressive bridges with their curved ramparts, and is home to echidnas wallabies and wombats. Uphill is a little challenging, while downhill is a breeze. Link to the main trail to cycle Wangaratta or Bright, whichever takes your fancy!

Best Things about This Ride

  • Echidnas and other Australian animals that live along the trail.
  • Diffey Road Bridge
  • Pennyweight Winery right on the track
  • Great views of the countryside
  • Heritage brick bridges.
  • Picnic areas
  • Historic Beechworth

Things to Watch out for

Cycle this route anytime – in winter pick a sunny week and you will love it! In summer watch for the cooler days. .