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Tasmanian Circuit

1144 km Loop, Hilly/Mountainous, Hard/Remote, Unsealed/Sealed Roads

Catch the Ferry with your Bike from Melbourne to Devonport to start your cycle.

Enjoy riding on roads with little traffic, passing by majestic forests, fields of sheep and fragrant lavender. As you head south towards Hobart, river valleys open up with cows and sheep grazing beside the road. Stay a few days in Hobart, a city skyline unchanged since its convict colonial times and a burst of development in the 1970’s.

What we Love

Only a few roads penetrate the rugged west, a land of mountains and the heart of the remote Tarkine Wilderness. This area of Tasmania is ancient and it is impossible to tell if moss covered trees have been there for fifty or a thousand years. Roads can be steep and rough in the wet. Punctuating the wilderness are small settlements.

On the East Coast, the road hugs the sea. The coast is dramatic and the views to long white sand beaches and rocky headlands are simply stunning. This East Coast is the favourite holiday spot for the Tassie locals, “Mainlanders” and International tourists.

What to Look out For

Best Times: October to mid December. Mid February to April.

The Tasman Highway on the East Coast can be very busy – avoid riding this section in the Christmas and Easter school holidays.

Always swim between the flags.

The ferry travels between Devonport and Melbourne daily. You will need to book.