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4760km, Road and Paths, Sealed/Unsealed/Gravel Grinding, Hard to Easy, Choose your route

Our Brand New Victoria South East Network is an innovative, world first, planning tool for choosing your own cycling adventure.

Gippsland, SE Victoria, is a wonderful and immensely varied place to ride. Forests, rolling green hills, beaches, technically challenging to easy rides.

Plan your own cycle tour on quiet Gippsland roads and paths. Our network covers rideable roads/paths in South East Victoria specifically designed for cyclists, away from the traffic, so you can plan your own cycle tour with confidence.

What we Love

Gippsland is perfect for riding. Experience temperate rain forests, open plains, coastal surf beaches and secluded coves in an area that is the size of Switzerland with only 150,000 people spread between iconic country towns and beautiful scenery that makes cycling so fun.

Dine on local produce, cheeses, beautiful breads or a fresh milkshake as you rest up in the rural towns. Stop in at a brewery, winery, cidery or distillery for a relaxing beverage. Perhaps pick up artisan handicraft or two.

Using our network you can choose yourself a ride that suits you. We include paths, hills, sealed roads for fast riding and dirt roads for a challenge. Get into the bush and away from everything or ride through nature on a quiet road.

What to Look out For

Riding is South East Victoria is the best.

Best time to ride is autumn and spring. Summer is also good. Watch the forecast for winter – the sunny days are just beautiful. But it can be wet.

Take a charge pack and ensure your phone is in aeroplane mode if you are planning to go back country.